5-simple-yet-powerful-ways-to-use-facebook-to-make-an-impact-blog-post-graphic-adobestock_71509750-001Would you like to learn some very simple, yet powerful ways to use Facebook to make an impact?

1. Share a Graphic with a Quote

If you enjoy making your own graphics, you can use your own quote, or someone else’s and share it on Facebook.

To make it even more impactful, add a question in the text portion.

For example, I made the graphic below and asked this question in the text portion.

Do you ever feel frustrated that your message or what you have to offer doesn’t resonate with people you’d like to reach?


2. Share a Graphic That Someone Else Made

There’s simple things that you can do to go one step beyond just clicking share.

3. Share a Video

This can be a video that you made or someone else made.

Facebook live is also very powerful.

There’s a very simple way to test out Facebook live and keep it private until you are ready to do your first Facebook live session.

4. Start a Facebook Group

You can easily engage with a group in Facebook.

There are very simple strategies for hosting a Facebook group, starting with how you set it up.

5. “Like”, Comment, or Share What Others Post

Do you ever desire to engage in conversation by commenting, but you don’t want to receive the notifications of what everyone else says?

There’s a very simple way to do just that!

It would be so much fun to show you these very simple strategies in a variety of ways in a “live virtual” setting.

Join the “Your Message Matters Tribe” today and get to know some wonderful people while you learn how to do this and so much more.

Question for you: What’s your favorite thing about Facebook? Please share your comments below.