I firmly believe that God is capable to do the impossible.

Yet, I can face challenges and lower my expectations of what God WILL do.

How about you?

When I have a mightier view of God, I trust Him more. This moves me into much more intimacy with Him.

I’ve decided to start raising my expectations of God and lowering my expectations of myself.

Will you join me?

Spend a few minutes a day for 7 days!

 7-Day Adventure:
Eagerly Expect Great Things from God

For 7 Days:

• Watch for God’s activity and His character.
• Eagerly expect great things from God.
• Anticipate that God is doing something for you that’s beyond your wildest imagination.

For 7 days you will receive:

  • An encouraging audio (1-3 minutes).
  • A scripture card that you can print or use digitally.
  • A prayer based on scripture.


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7-Day Adventure: Eagerly Expect Great Things from God is Free
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