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Your cravings can tell you helpful information. You are likely to be craving something more than just food.

Eating provides us with a way to decrease something we don’t want or increase something we do want, or a mixture of both.

Here’s just a few things that eating can provide:

• Relief from boredom, anger, sadness or pain
• Feelings of connection or intimacy
• Increased drive, passion, fun, excitement or energy
• Happy feelings
• Calmness
• Relaxation
• Feeling nurtured
• Companionship
• And so much more

No wonder food “calls our name!”

That’s OK. There’s no need to be hard on yourself when you have cravings for food.

I think that God designed it that we would get more than just nourishment or fuel from food. One reason is to make sure that we eat. We might not otherwise.

Begin to notice what “benefits” you are getting from eating. You are likely to be meeting a legitimate need.

For example, you might already feel that you have companionship and not realize that you seek it from food. You can be desiring a different type of companionship than what you have right now, maybe some deeper connections, or connecting over a specific area of your life.

Food does provide temporary companionship.

Another example is being busy with plenty to do, yet you desire excitement, passion,or a sense of purpose or fulfillment. Eating temporarily provides these things.

There’s nothing wrong with getting your needs met with food.

The problem comes when you know that food is more important than you want it to be. Do you find food distracting or challenging?

Maybe you are at a place in your life that you are not pleased with how important food is to you or how much it is used to relieve stress or for any other reason.

Talk to someone about what needs are being met through eating. The intensity of your cravings will begin to diminish as you begin to increase self-care.

Question: What is something a craving could be telling you? You can comment HERE