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I have been so moved by Kathi Lipp’s sermon, “How to Keep the Hope”.

Kathi is a fantastic speaker and shares very openly about many subjects. The first time she shares about what she calls “ her biggest struggle in life” (weight/dieting) is at her home church! Can you imagine what that had to be like?

Everyone’s story is different, yet there are some parts of Kathi’s story that I related to so well.

  • She’s been on many diets and has lost weight only to gain it back (and more.)
  • She’s desperate for change.
  • She’s skeptical that the “next thing” she tries will work.
  • She knows that God cares about her struggle.

This is a great sermon about hope, no matter where you you need some hope in your life.

There are so many areas of my life that seemed hopeless and like Kathi says so well, “How do you keep your hope alive when there’s no reasonable reason to hope?”

 You’re desperate but you also know in the back of your head I have tried so many times and I have failed so many times. I’m right there. So, how do you keep your hope alive when there is no reasonable reason to hope? There is no reasonable reason.

The world would say just give it up. Just learn to live with it.
I think our failure doesn’t come from falling off the wagon,

I think our failure comes when we stop daring to hope. When we stop saying I am going to try again – Kathi Lipp

Kathi shares how we can cling to hope:

1. Know how God feels about you.

He loves you. He is crazy about you.  There is nothing that you can do to make you love God any more or less than He does right now.

I can have hope because I know how God feels about me and I know how he feels about you. In my weakest moments I feel like I can have hope for absolutely everybody else but I lose hope for myself.

I don’t want to live like that anymore because if I believe that God can change you, I need to believe in the deepest part of my soul that he cares enough about me to change me. I know that Jesus is crazy about me and I need to be reminded and I need to remember every single day. – Kathi Lipp

2. Reflect on how God has transformed you in other ways.

Think about the other areas of your life that you’ve experienced personal and spiritual growth.

Make a list, journal, do whatever you need to do to grasp how God has transformed you.

3. Know how He has transformed others.

Read inspirational stories, watch for what He’s doing in the lives of people you know and connect with others.

I would be glad to talk with you and offer some hope!

Do you relate to what Kathi is saying?

I think it’s very dangerous to hope. I think it’s the scariest thing we can do as Christians.

Hope sounds like such a nice word. I’m hoping for good things. I’m hoping, I’m hoping.

But, when your hope is against everything with reason, it’s very scary to hope and it’s very hard to hope when you have been disappointed so many times. – Kathi Lipp

What you can do:

1. Click here to listen to Kathi’s entire sermon. She shares wonderful stories and teaches God’s Word in a very profound way.

2. Reflect on the sermon on your own and by talking to someone that you know, like and trust. Someone who will not try to “fix” you.

3. Encourage Kathi. Comment here with a quick word of encouragement for Kathi (or to let her know you will pray for her).

4. Dare to hope.

If this is your struggle would you do the first most scary thing with me? Would you dare to hope, would you dare to hope with me? – Kathi Lipp

Question: Will you dare to hope?  Comment here  to share your answer.