“I keep asking God, ‘Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it’!”

My friend Lynn* has devoted years to following God’s call on her life.

But now, she’s at a cross-roads.

“I’ve been crying out to God for direction,” she tells me, “and I have assurance that He is with me. But I’m not hearing any clear next step from Him for this new season. I feel stuck.”

Lynn knows, in her head, that there’s no perfect step-by-step plan.

“I just wish I knew for sure what to do next,” she sighs.

As we continue our conversation, I realize that she’s afraid. She’s afraid of taking risks, afraid of messing up at such a pivotal time.

She wishes she could get absolute clarity and direction before taking her next step.

But so often we don’t find clarity and direction before taking action — we gain clarity and direction by taking action.

The One Thing You Need to Take Action

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