are-you-tired-of-politics-on-facebook-graphic-blog-post-dollarphotoclub_80938847-001Are you tired of the political discussions and/or fights on Facebook?

Would you like to enjoy Facebook by reading and connecting with conversations that you want to be focusing on?

Sorry to say there’s not just a “push one button” to be able to simply and quickly have a political-free Facebook experience, but there are things you can do.

1. When you see any discussions, videos, photos, etc. that you’d like to see less of (but still connect with the person who shared it), simply click “Hide Post”.

You’ll find it under the light grey arrow at the top right of the post.

2. If there’s someone that you want to stay connected with, but take a break from viewing what they are sharing, simply click “ Unfollow _____ (Person’s Name).

You will remain Facebook friends, but not see their posts. You can always change that back when you want to.

You’ll find the Unfollow option under the light grey arrow at the top right of the post.

3. I am choosing a proactive with simple approach that you can join me (or do yourself).

I am making a list of friends who don’t use Facebook for political discussions and when I feel like connecting on Facebook and I don’t want to read anything political, I will simply choose that list to read for the moment.

If you enjoy a political-free time on Facebook and want to join me, all that you need to do is click either one of these Facebook threads and comment to tell me you’d like to join.

Personal Page, click HERE to join the Personal Page thread on Facebook.

Business Page, click HERE to join the Business Page Thread on Facebook.

Very important clarification: There’s nothing “right” or “wrong” about using Facebook for political discussions!

Facebook can easily be a place for people to say things in a way that they would never speak to someone else in-person.

There’s way too much fighting going on for my taste and I choose to stay out of it.

[bctt tweet=”I choose my battles. For me, politics is not one of them.” username=”maryloucaskey”]I can do my own research about politics and find the fighting is very distressing to me personally.

I choose to use Facebook for the reasons that I really enjoy it such as:

      • Getting to know people.
      • Offering hope, inspiration, encouragement and more.
      • Connecting with family, friends, colleagues, mentors, etc.

So, I am sticking with Facebook and choosing to continue to connect.

I work from home and this type of work is very isolating. I have found that Facebook is mostly a very positive experience for me, but it does require being intentional.

Question: What is your favorite way to engage on Facebook?