When Father’s Day Is Painful Blog Graphic.001Is Father’s Day painful for you this year?

If so, you’re not alone!

Many of us know what it’s like for this day of celebration to be a difficult day.

To be honest, Father’s Day has been hard for me for many years. Each year is a little different, but when there’s profound loss, it’s painful.

How is it painful for you?

Are you grieving the loss of your dad here on earth and long to see him one more time?

Is it painful that your relationship is strained with your dad or your children?

Are you comparing your family to how “happy” others seem to be?

There’s loss is so many areas of our lives.

I miss my first husband Paul who died of cancer when we were both 33 years old, and our daughters were very young!

A few months later, my brother (age 34) who said he would be my girl’s dad died in an auto accident leaving behind a young family.

I am grateful for my dad and my husband Keith, yet I know what it’s like to have strained or non-existent relationships in other areas of our family.

You are not alone!

So what can you do when Father’s Day is painful?

Be Gentle

Rather than being hard on yourself for feeling pain or grief on this difficult day, be gentle to yourself.

Practice really great self-care.

Do Something You Enjoy

Find something that is very enjoyable for you to do and “give yourself permission” to fully enjoy it.

Celebrate with Thanksgiving

Find something to thank God for today.

It doesn’t mean that you need to “pretend” everything is perfect, but find a way to express gratitude.

Worship Your Good Father

Watch this video of Chris Tomlin singing Good Good Father and thank God that:

  • He is perfect in all of His ways
  • He loves you perfectly
  • His love is not based on your performance
  • He is tender with you
  • He calls you deeper

Question: How does the song Good Good Father minister to you? Please answer in the comments below.