When Your Answer Seems so Far Away PNG Graphic Blog post.001Have you ever felt that God put a dream, desire or passion on your heart and what you wanted to accomplish didn’t seem to be happening?

I know that I’ve felt like that more than once!

I love to learn new things!

I really enjoy big projects, especially if it’s something that I can “develop from scratch”.

Years ago, I taught myself how to landscape. I loved being outside. I loved the hard, physical labor. I loved the challenge of creating something beautiful.

One of the projects was a large waterfall made with huge boulders.

IMG_0852 2

It was a challenge and so much fun to “figure out” how to build the plumbing, and move each boulder around until the waterfall looked the way that I wanted it to.

I began helping others with their landscaping. 

I even thought about starting a business.

That was until I had a series of injuries requiring multiple surgeries and treatments.

We gave away the waterfall and all of the landscaping because we couldn’t keep up with the maintenance.

I am at peace with this now because it’s one of the things that God used to lead me into many exciting ventures.

I’ve had very exciting and dramatic changes in my life and I’m continually looking for ways to help others enjoy freedom, hope and victory.

I went back to school to become a certified life coach.

At the end of the foundational course, the instructors encouraged us to have a visual reminder of what happened in the course.

I wanted to have something that would grow and change so that it would continue to remind me of God’s faithfulness and all that He did through the course.

So, we planted a bush in the yard. Typically, I can grow things very easily, but the plant wouldn’t grow.

I tried a variety of plants and nothing would work. Everything appeared to be dead.

I quit trying.

The yard was a visual reminder of loss and disappointment.

I was again in a long season in my life where one crisis on top of another challenged me daily.

There were no quick solutions for any of these challenges.

It seemed that everything that I tried only made things worse.

As far as “building a coaching business”, I continued to take courses and actively working on my dream of what it could become.

I finally became so discouraged that I gave up. I QUIT!

Thankfully, I didn’t give up for long. I decided to give this dream “one more try.”

I continued to proactively and consistency work on my coaching business.


Shortly after I “started again”, I was in the yard and saw a little shoot of a plant.

I couldn’t believe it! There was NO reason for this bush to be alive.

It was planted YEARS earlier. We had all types of weather conditions that it should never have survived.

For YEARS there was NEVER any signs of the plant.

I felt that God was encouraging me and saying…

  • I did begin a work.
  • Even more importantly, I have been working all this time.
  • Just watch what happens with this bush, I want to encourage you with it.

Actively Wait With Expectation

As the started to grow little-by-little, I:

  • Gave my best
  • Pressed on
  • Did not give up
  • Trusted God with the results

Things were going well during this time.

Some steady and consistent changes that were causing some positive momentum.

I would always be encouraged when I would see the bush continuing to grow steadily.

Watch for Something Different

God put on my heart that it was time for me to be anticipating something different.

I knew that I would continue to coach people who wanted to either gain a more peaceful relationship with food or lose weight.

Yet, God was making it clear that it was time to expand the areas that I coach people and for me to be open to something different.

I had no idea what that could be.

During all of this time the plant continued to grow and continued to encourage me.

I continued to watch for “what’s next”.

God’s Timing and Faithfulness

The bush began to have massive growth, to the point that we could see MAJOR changes daily.

God continued to encourage me to “be open” for what He has in store.

I read that Kathi Lipp, a wonderful (and well-known) speaker and author was accepting applications for an internship with her team.

For a nano second I wondered if I might be too old at 54 to be an intern.

I’ve been feeling “younger” every year. I am in so much better health (physical, mental, emotional) than I was years ago and it just seems to get better.

We prayed about it and quickly decided to apply.

I’m excited that I was chosen as one of Kathi Lipp’s interns and looking forward to what’s in store!

God Delivered Beyond Our Hopes and Expectations

When we planted the bush, our goal was for something much smaller.

It is now HUGE.

It’s about 20 feet high, 25 feet wide by 20 feet deep.

God went WAY beyond our hopes and expectations!

Trust in God’s Character

Today, may you trust in the character of God.

It’s His nature to be faithful.

No matter what, please don’t lose hope!

God might move in directions that you’d never expect.

He is never late or in a hurry. He delivers results in His time.

Question: Where is God encouraging you today? You can answer below in the comments.